What Travelers Need to Know About Flying with CBD

When it comes to flying on airplanes in the United States, strict regulations affecting everyday items such as water bottles and nail clippers are enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  So what’s the official rule for flying with cannabidiol (CBD)-infused products? The TSA updated its medical marijuana policy

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What Do the Doctors Say?

There are many medicines you can take orally, sublingually, vaginally, and rectally. So why not cannabis?  When it comes to cannabis-infused products for women’s health, such as suppositories and tampons, some people see the value while others don’t.  In the rectum, suppositories melt and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

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18 Concentrate Brands You Should Know About

Stoners, weed snobs, and concentrate connoisseurs, lend us your rigs.  To honor all things dabbable, Weedmaps News compiled a list of some amazing concentrate makers in the U.S. today. It includes craft brands, some founders, ground-layers and “original” companies in legal markets, big-name dab makers, small-batch processors, and everything

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